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Businesses set up websites with the sole purpose of increasing profits. Where does online revenue come from? Consumers or prospective clients engaging in Commercial internet searches. It’s estimated that of all search queries only 20% of all online traffic is commercial traffic. We offer free websites for SEO clients and we offer free Digital Marketing Consultation for SEO clients. That is the plus with working with Us.

SEO Campaign

We can spot conversion issues instantly, (my site being the exception!) and while we work on your SEO campaign we will advise you on how to improve your site so that it converts better. That is the plus. Understanding clearly what your objectives are for your real world business should translate into a clear direction for everything you company presents.

Social Media Sharing

You also need to ensure that your content is shareable, such as putting buttons on the page that make it easy to share a link to your site via social media postings and adding calls to action like, “If you enjoy this article, follow us on Twitter” or “If you like this article, share it via social media using the buttons below.”

What strategies in SEO or web design will ruin your SEO strategy? What might you do that ends up hurting your website rankings?

Invisible Text

Invisible text, also called hidden text, penalizes you in search engine rankings. Invisible text and hidden text is usually not visible unless someone highlights it. If you are in Calgary we recommend for the best homes for sale listings.

A better way to boost your SEO without keyword stuffing your main content is posting relevant pictures to the web page and applying SEO to that text to include similar, related terms to the content.

Comment Spamming

Comment spamming isn’t the only reason so many newspapers turned off their comments sections, but it did play a factor. What is comment spamming? It is the placement of unrelated advertisements in the comments section of everything from news articles to blogs to discussion forums. These spammy comments range from work at home scams to generic advertisements to misguided link building schemes to links to malicious websites. Don’t engage in comment spamming that can hurt your website rankings. And be careful that legitimate link posts in message boards and user forums, or else your posted links will hurt you instead of help you.

Not Being Mobile Friendly

Google’s April 2015 update was intended to give preference to websites that are better suited for mobile users. This isn’t surprising, since over half of all web searches now take place on a mobile device of some sort. The search engine change to give preference to these sites was so significant that the April 2015 update was the first one where Google actually warned people in advice.
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What does a mobile friendly website look like to Google? One of the factors is response time of a website. If your webpage has a multimedia presentation that tries to load before anyone can see anything, you lose rank. Google’s algorithm since 2015 penalizes web sites with slow load times. It is severely punishing those with many dead links and take too long to respond at all.

If the webpage has poor navigation such that people bounce off it and to the next search engine quickly out of frustration, you lose. Modest web design changes can help prevent this from being a problem, such as ensuring your website right-sizes graphics for the user’s screen size, making menus navigable even on a small screen, not using multi-tier menus that may not work properly on a small screen and putting critical information first and foremost in the front screen. In the last case, putting your address and contact information near the top of the page so it is visible for anyone searching for your company is a plus.

SEO for mobile users should include local oriented search results, such as “pizza zipcode 12345” or “pediatrician neighborhood name”. However, this is a modest change in SEO to suit local users, unless your website manages to land many people from outside your service area. If that’s the case, your bounce rate and website rankings will suffer as people looking for local service providers quickly abandon the site when they see you aren’t what they are looking for.

Domain Squatting

Linkbaiting or link baiting refers to content that others link to because they want to. It differs from link spam in that you aren’t spreading the links, but others are. It can become spammy if others share it too often in social media. This is why it is better that you should seek to build a social media base, and then use your social media presence to share the links on its platforms so that others can visit the site without relying on others to spam yet more people with your links.

Bad Website Design

Bad website design doesn’t get factored into account by Google’s search rankings directly, but poor website design that drives people away as soon as they land will lead to a sky-high bounce rate Google takes as a sign you need to be lower down in the rankings. Good websites have easy to understand navigation, a proper use of animation that doesn’t slow load times, are appropriate to the topic that someone searches for so that they don’t leave in disgust and have content that Google’s search engine rewards with higher rankings.

Domain Squatting

Domain squatting or cyber squatting occurs when you take on a domain intending to profit from someone else’s business name or product name. The best opticians of all come and check the big discounts.

The penalty for doing this in Google search engines is compounded by redirecting people from the “squatted” domain to your site. A strategy to study well before you implement it is buying the domain names that are misspelled versions of your company name to ensure anyone misspelling the company name get directed to your site or taking over the domain names based on your product names and redirecting them to your main business site. Always work with an SEO expert before adopting this strategy so it doesn’t penalize you.


Scraping refers to taking someone else’s content and posting on your website. This practice will severely hurt your web site, whether you copy their content word for word or have a machine spin the content so that it is a little difference. One variation of this practice that companies may do legitimately is copying their own content across sub-domains or on related pages they own. For example, the same press release might be posted on the parent company’s website as well as all of its subsidiaries. The same product descriptions may be reused throughout the website, such as for all models of the product except for altering the part number. To avoid the search engine penalties for scraping that can occurs in these situations, create unique product descriptions, lists of services you provide or biographies of key personnel for each domain or sub-domain you own.

Web Rings

According to Wikipedia, a web ring is a collection of websites that link to each other. While this isn’t a problem for related websites that share a common theme like science fiction movies, horror fan-fics or hobbies, your business website will lose some points if it is part of a web ring. This isn’t as bad as link spamming across the internet, engaging in comment spamming or having far too many links on your own website to other sites.


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